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New Mod Post (+H/Tfic)

Hey guys! This is Ren, your mod, saying I've given this poor community a makeover and now I'm planning on advertising and getting it up and running.

so, a few things...

1. Please, advertise! Help me get this place up and running as an awesome source for fanfiction for a totally kickass anime an example for my advertisements(keep it the same, tweak it, completely change it, just please get the message out!)

2. When posting entries, try to TAG them for me so people who want certain fanficiton can find it easily with the tags. If you don't know how, post here to find out or just leave it and I'll take care of it. It just makes my job a little easier if the people that can do it, do it. thanks!

3. make sure you lj-cut or link your entries. we just don't want HUGE entries taking over people's friends pages.(How to lj-cut, how to direct link)

4. Do a quick desc for each fic you post, you know- title, characters, rating, genre. Nothing fancy, I just want to make sure no one goes to a fic they really don't want... for example a hate fic if they want a pairing fic.... Honestly, the biggest reason for this is I want to avoid a kid clicking on a 'M' rated fic.

5. Don't forget your disclaimer, guys!! no one wants to be sued. X3 I'm going to post one in the comm's profile too, just to cover all bases.

6. HAVE FUN AND RUN WILD!! The sky's the limit, loves!!!

your friendly neighborhood mod


Link to my journal where a HollandTalho fic awaits! (rated'T', part 2 of my 100oneshots for HollandxTalho on
Laugh Fest

4 fic/Dominic x Anemone claim for 30_kisses

Hello fellow E7 fans!

I joined the comm right off the bat but I wanted to wait until I had something new-ish to post. Weeks of procrastination have finally given way to a new piece of my claim on Dominic/Anemone at the 30_kisses community.

Without further ado, here's the info on the newest story.

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And here are links to the other three parts of the claim.

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Eureka Seven Fic: Thin as Water

Eureka Seven Fic: Thin as Water
Characters: Dewey and Holland at their brotherly best.
Rating: PG-13 (it's Dewey being Dewey. His head is not a G-rated place.)
Genre: General
Length: 1,000 words
Summary: Five conversations Dewey never had with Holland. (I'm seeing each as it's own potential universe, so glimpses of 5 AU's.)
Notes: Spoilers for episodes 31, 35, and 43. With the exception of the fifth conversation, all are set pre-series.

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2 Ficlets: Grave // Home, Family, Duty

I'll echo suzanami's squee! It's great to see an E7 fic community. And since mom says it's always polite to bring housewarming gifts, I come bearing fic.

Title: Grave
Characters: Axel, Maurice
Summary: Axel's not one for lingering over graves, but sometimes, he's compelled to visit Adrock's.
Notes: End of series spoilers. (Or rather, this ficlet requires end of series knowledge to make sense. Sadly, end of series knowledge from the scene Adult Swim cut from the final episode.)

Link back to my journal:
Unlike his father, Renton will raise his family.

I'll also link to this ficlet since "Grave" is set a few weeks after it:
Title: Home, Family, Duty
Characters: Axel, Holland, & the kids
Summary: Axel is too old to be raising kids again.

Link back to my journal:
Axel is too old for a lot of things.
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There's Only Room In This Family for One Princess

Title: There's Only Room in This Family for One Princess
Characters: Maeter, Renton
Rating: G
Genre: General
Summary: Women are jealous little things when their special position in a man's heart is threatened, and Maeter is no exception.
Author's notes: For aikochan, for her birthday today. :D I'm actually on time. :o
Set a few years after the events of the series, but there's no plot spoilers or anything like that. Maeter is nine years old, making Renton around 19 or 20, so it's three or four years after the end of ep 50.

{ She was the only girl and that had made her special. }

Someone else please post?!... I need an E7 fix. XDD
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Eureka seveN >> Drabbles100

*squee!* An E7 fic community... What took this fandom so long to make this comm, huh? I have been considering making such a community (almost did today, in fact!) but never got around to it.

Well, I'm in the middle of my drabbbles100 challenge for Eureka seveN (general series) so I've got about 40 drabbles posted at present. I love, love, LOVE picking these characters' brains! There's a bunch more I want to dig around in (especially Dewey) but I haven't had any plot bunnies yet... D: Renton and/or Eureka are always bothering me though.

Well, if you're interested, my table linking each prompt to its resulting drabble is here. Spoiler info is in the author's notes before each drabble, but tread with caution, anyway. I confess I am a comment whore and love getting feedback, so please don't be shy. <3

And, just for kicks, I'm plugging certain ones in particular that I'm rather fond of. They're linked under the cut to save precious scrolling effort! XD

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AC-live by the Creed

First post!

Honestly, I would've liked the first post to be with a fanfic, but I don't have any written right now. Feel free to post fics yourselves though, and I'll get to writing.

Please, enjoy yourselves and spread the love of the series.

Your intros can be organized in anyway you like but make sure to include a rating and your paring (if any)

so....POST POST POST!! YAY! ^^