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Ok, I just finished a HollandTalho fic a few days ago and I am very proud of it. It is also the start of my writing of HollandTalho and in my opinion it's very well written(though, if I didn't think that, I'd never post it) So, here it is... well, the first chapter anyway.


This is a little something I came up with after watching the end again but Dubbed. It starts literally right after the end of the series-not including the ‘one year later’ part. Specifically the night after Renton leaves to save Eureka.

Disclaimer: I love this series and would kill to own it... but I don't own it... and I honestly don't think killing anybody would help me get it.

by Ren-chan (aka shinigamivc)

Talho raised her right hand to her lips, masking a yawn as she maneuvered through the darkened hallway of the Gekko-go. She didn’t need lights to find her way back to her and Holland’s cabin; she had made the trip so many times before that she could literally do it in her sleep.

Reaching the door, she calmly opened it; the room was dark as well. Even in the dark, she could make out Holland’s form under the covers of their bed. She sighed softly, a placid smile forming on her lips. She quickly stripped off the clothing her had been wearing that day and dug for a T-shirt to wear - one of Holland’s would do. After she put it on, she gently straitened it out, pausing for a moment as her hands ran over her stomach. She sighed again; her pregnancy still wasn’t obvious yet, but she could feel the bump that was slowly forming from her abdomen. For a minute, she stood in the darkness with her hands gently caressing her tummy, thinking about everything that had happened… everything that was to happen from this point on. That was, until she heard his voice.

It was nothing more than a deep and tired mumble, but his words were clear. “You just gonna stand there all night?”

She turned her head to look in his direction. Even in the dark, she could see his oceanic eyes staring back at her. She rolled her own hazel ones and walked over to the bed, lifting the covers and lowering herself onto it. Before she could situate herself, he had seized her; one arm fell just under her breasts and pulled her close. After closing all the space between them, his arm relaxed and lowered a bit so that his hand could rest on her tummy. His other arm stretched up over his head, resting on the pillow just above her head. She could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck. She leaned back into him, closing her eyes and smiling softly; it had been a while since he’d held her like this. She knew he felt relieved and - her smile widened a bit as she raised her hand above her head to meet his - at least somewhat successful for what they had done for Renton and Eureka, and for this world. He pressed his lips against the back of her neck and she could tell that he too was smiling.

“Are the kids asleep?” There was that voice again, so deep and throaty.

“Yes.” She said, suppressing another yawn. “…They miss Eureka and Renton... but I think they’ll be alright until those two get back.”

“This is the first night that we don’t have to wake up ready to fight.” He said, kissing her neck just above her shoulder blades.

“…yes.” She said softly. Truthfully… they didn’t know if that was true or not, not yet, but it was a nice thought.

“mm…” She heard him sigh as he rubbed her stomach gently, seeming as obsessed with the bump as she was. He mumbled something else after another minute into the back of her neck, something indiscernible to anyone but Talho.

“I love you too.” She mumbled back.

A few minutes past, both of them were on the verge of sleep when Talho lifted her head slightly. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” this time his voice was little more than a groan, leading her to believe he had just fallen asleep. “…You’re hearing things…”

“Shhh…” She hushed him. There was the softest sound of two sets of footsteps patting down the hallway. Sure enough, the footsteps stopped outside their door. After another moment there was a knock on the door, then another softer knock. Talho heard Holland groan and squeezed his hand gently.

“Who is it?” She said, her voice so soft and gentle.

“Talho!” Was the response. It was a half whine, half cry from two young voices.

“That’s my name.” Talho corrected, a hint of laughter in her voice that captivated Holland as he peered over her, pulling his body up to lean on the arm that had been above his head.

“It’s Linck and me!” a female voice cried. Linck’s voice followed: “Please, may we come in?”

“Yes.” Talho responded softly as the door opened revealing Maeter and Linck. The children came over to the bed, letting the door shut behind them.

“We can’t sleep.” Said Maeter, followed by Linck. “We miss Mama and Renton.”

Talho’s hand moved away from Holland’s to help prop herself up; her other hand fell gently on Maeter’s head. “Where’s Maurice?” She asked.

“He’s asleep.”

“He’s not worried like us.”

Talho sighed, nodding her head. “Don’t you think you two should stay with him?”

“We wanna stay with you and Holland.” They said together, pleading with her.

Talho sighed again softly and shifted so she could look Holland in the eyes. He frowned slightly, but nodded, figuring it was his best bet to get any sleep that night. She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Just for tonight.” She said lifting the covers. As she shifted back into her previous position, Holland settled back down, burying his head in her hair. Maeter and Linck settled down next to Talho, their hands resting on her stomach. The two of them grinned.

“There’s really a baby in there?” Linck asked. Talho nodded, ruffling Linck’s hair. For a while they were quiet, hoping to hear or feel the baby.

“Holland?” Maeter said softly, looking at him over Talho.

“Yes?” He said quietly, moving his head a bit to look at Maeter.

Maeter looked nervous for a moment. Slowly she asked her question, a curious tone in her voice. “Do you like Talho as much as Renton likes Mama?”

Holland frowned at first, surprised by the question, then smiled. His arm fell just under Talho’s breasts and held her tightly. “Yes.” He said, mumbling “even more” into Talho’s ear.

Talho smiled and elbowed him gently, “Shh, you two. It’s time to sleep.” She said. Maeter and Linck cuddled up against Talho; Holland sighed deeply, happy to finally be able to sleep.

After some time, the kids had fallen asleep. Talho could hear their soft breathing and feel them squirming under the sheets. She sighed once, allowing her mind to wander while waiting for sleep to come. She would have thought Holland was asleep if not for the motion of his hand over her stomach. She shifted slightly and heard him whisper: “You’ll be a great mother, Tal.”

She swallowed lightly, surprised by the comment. After a moment of thought, she moved her hand to settle over his on her stomach.

“Go to sleep.” was all she said.

Holland grinned and replied, “Yes Ma’am.”
And that’s chapter one! Hope you liked, cause I put a lot of effort in. On that note… I hope like hell it flows cause I worked hard to even just find the right words. PLEASE REVIEW GUYS! I’m very interested in your opinions.
Chapter: 1
Rating: K
Pairing: Holland/Talho
Genre: Romance/General
Desc: Starts the night after Renton leaves to find Eureka. Aside from that, you have to read to find out. (Originally posted on Fanfiction.net)

Tags: holland, holland/talho, talho
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